Members of the band Queen, together with Adam Lambert recorded a cover version of the legendary hit. We are the champions. The musicians dedicated it to medical professionals who help patients with coronavirus.

The video was uploaded to Queen’s official YouTube channel on the evening of Thursday, April 30. With the release of the video, the performers launched a fundraising campaign. The description of the clip reads as follows: “Queen + Adam Lambert created and recorded You Are the Champions remotely while in quarantine, while in London and Los Angeles. All funds raised will be transferred through the world health organization to support those on the front line fighting the COVID-19 epidemic.”

The lyrics of the song “We are the champions” were slightly changed, and it became “You are the champions.” The clip begins with shots of cities that have been emptied due to the epidemic and quarantine measures. Then it includes photos and fragments of videos with doctors and nurses working in hospitals in different parts of the world.

Queen guitarist Brian May, commenting on the video’s release, said that doctors, as well as all those who continue to work for the benefit of others during the pandemic, are “our new champions.” Drummer Roger Taylor added:” Being the father of a daughter who was at the forefront (in the fight against the virus), I am fully aware of the critical importance of what is being done every day for our salvation and the salvation of society.” Taylor’s daughter works as a doctor in a London hospital.

Recall that in 2021, Queen and Adam Lambert planned a joint tour of Europe. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, it was decided to suspend preparations for it.