Telegram now has the ability to conduct audio chats without restrictions on participants and time. The messenger noted that they plan to develop radio and podcasts on their platform.

The Telegram messenger team announced the update of the voice chats functionality. Now you can create them in your channels, while chats can be saved as podcasts. Participants will now be able to describe their biography, and listeners raise their hands in order to participate in discussions.

The number of speakers and listeners in voice chats is not limited. Telegram notes that a million people can listen to conversations at the same time. According to the team, the new functionality will allow you to create your own popular podcasts and radio stations.

At the same time, channel administrators will be able to share their voice chat with subscribers or save the broadcast recording. The audio will be saved in the Favorites chat. At the same time, the participants will know that the recording is in progress – Telegram will indicate this with a red dot.

You can join the voice chat in the channel not only on your own behalf, but also on behalf of one of your channels – in this way, public figures and celebrities can avoid unwanted attention to their personal account.