YouTube removes videos that link the spread of coronavirus to 5G. However, the platform will not touch videos where the virus is not mentioned directly.

The YouTube administration said it will remove all videos that talk about the link between the coronavirus pandemic and the spread of 5G. According to them, these materials violate the rules of the platform and promote “theories that are not scientifically sound”.

YouTube will leave conspiracy videos on the platform in which the coronavirus is not directly mentioned. Such videos will remain in the service as “borderline content”. These videos will be excluded from the search and the service tools will not promote them.

“We also have a clear policy that prohibits videos promoting medically unjustified methods to prevent coronavirus. We quickly remove videos that violate these rules, ”said YouTube.

According to proponents of this theory, coronavirus spreads in all cities where there is 5G. Because of this, five towers were burned in Birmingham, Liverpool, Melling, and Merseyside – according to police, all the protesters watched fake videos on YouTube and Facebook with a conspiracy theory about the coronavirus epidemic in the suburb of Liverpool Aigburth.