The President of Ukraine addressed the Irish Parliament via video link.

Speaking on Thursday with a televised address to the Irish parliament, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy called on Western politicians to put an end to indecision regarding the toughest sanctions against Russia, which “will really stop the war.”

“After everything that the Russian troops have done, and even now, when the world already knows everything about Russia’s war crimes against our people, we have to convince… some European companies to leave the Russian market. We still have to convince Western politicians in some countries that it is necessary to stop any connection between Russian banks and the global financial system. Unfortunately, we still have to convince Europe that Russian oil cannot supply the Russian military machine with a generous flow of money,” the President of Ukraine said.

According to him, “it is necessary to stop all trade with Russia. It is necessary to block the connections of Russian banks with the financial system of the world. It is necessary to cut off the flow of money that the Russian budget receives for oil and spends it on missiles, bombs, and artillery attacks.”

“Russia has not yet abandoned its plans,” Zelenskiy recalled. – It is still continuing offensive operations in Ukraine. Still looking for how to conquer all our people.”

The Ukrainian leader noted that the international community had long-developed financial mechanisms that allow using sanctions to force the aggressor country to peace.

“The only obstacle is the lack of integrity of individual leaders. For now. Political leaders, business leaders. Who still think that war and war crimes are not so terrible compared to financial damage,” Zelenskiy said.

He thanked Ireland for the support that this country provides to Ukraine and for supporting a special accelerated procedure for granting Ukraine membership in the European Union.

In the history of Ireland, famine has repeatedly become a national catastrophe, and Zelenskiy addressing the Irish parliamentarians, specifically focused on Russia’s actions to destroy Ukraine’s agricultural infrastructure and provoke a global food crisis.

He noted that “Ukraine is one of the leading countries in the world food market. Without our exports, it is not just a shortage, but a threat of hunger for more than a dozen countries in Africa and Asia.”

Zelenskiy, in particular, said: “Russia is consistently destroying fuel storage sites, food distribution centers, destroying even ordinary agricultural machinery and mining fields. They mine everything all the time. Everything they leave from. In addition, Russia has blocked all our seaports along with ships that have already been loaded with agricultural products for export. Why are they doing this? Because they also consider hunger as their weapon. A weapon against us, ordinary people. As a tool for domination.”

The President of Ukraine warned Western politicians that “the longer the Russian aggression lasts, the worse the consequences will be not only for our continent, but also for the neighboring regions of our planet.”