On the night of February 25, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskiy made another video message in which he summed up the results of the first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

According to Zelenskiy, the country’s armed forces repulsed the enemy.

According to preliminary data, as the president said, 137 Ukrainian citizens – military and civilians – were killed on Thursday. According to Zelenskiy, all the border guards defending the island of Snake in the Black Sea were killed.

Zelenskiy also said that he remains in Kyiv, although, according to him, “the enemy has designated me as the number one target.” According to Zelenskiy, Russian sabotage groups are operating in Kiev, so it is necessary to observe the curfew.

According to Zelenskiy, he held talks with the leaders of NATO countries about Ukraine’s accession to the union, but “they are all afraid.” As the President of Ukraine said, he is not afraid of negotiations with Russia, including on the neutral status of the country, but he demands security guarantees for Ukraine. According to Zelenskiy, he is ready for negotiations, but now the fate of the country depends on the army.