The President of Ukraine made a video message to the participants of the North Atlantic Alliance summit.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy called on NATO leaders to increase military assistance to his country opposing Russian troops.

At the same time, he warned that Russia’s next target could be the countries of Eastern Europe that are part of the alliance, in particular Poland.

Addressing the participants of the NATO summit in Brussels via video link, Zelenskiy stressed that Ukraine needs fighters, tanks, anti-ship weapons and an improved air defense system to confront Russian forces.

According to the Ukrainian leader, he is convinced that NATO leaders are aware that Russia, which has unleashed the war, does not intend to stop in Ukraine, but is going to go further – against the Eastern European countries that are part of the alliance, primarily the Baltic states and Poland.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said earlier that, while increasing support for Ukraine, the alliance, however, will not send troops or aircraft to help it.

Zelenskiy expressed gratitude to the NATO countries for their support. However, he said that the alliance has yet to demonstrate what it can do to save people.

According to Zelenskiy, Ukraine is in a gray zone between the West and Russia. At the same time, he stressed, “we protect all our and your common values.”

“The Alliance can still prevent the death of Ukrainians from Russian strikes, from Russian occupation, by providing us with all the necessary weapons,” the President of Ukraine said.